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Wireless Networks

Did you know how simple it is to enjoy the freedom of a wireless network in your home or business? We believe that Wondervu Consulting can deliver a working wireless network for far less then you imagined.  Enjoy the freedom of sitting with your laptop anywhere in your home checking email or accessing the Internet.  Have computers in several rooms of your home or office accessing the Internet without the hassle of running network wire throughout your building.

Attract customers to your business by offering wireless Internet access as a free  service in your motel, restaurant or coffee shop.  Many people travel everywhere with their notebook computers hoping for a simple way to check email and browse the Internet.  Many companies send laptops with their employees expecting them to check email on a daily basis.

Wondervu has a history with wireless:

  • Instrumental in development of wireless network covering the entire city of Aspen, Colorado. Allowing customers to access the Internet and email from anywhere in town (http://www.ultimatetaxi.com).
  • Setup of wireless networks in several home offices and small businesses providing full mobility and all the flexibility of wireless.
  • Setup of internal wireless networks at Sun Microsystems.
  • Use of Wireless Security on all networks.